Who We Are.

We’re change enthusiasts because we know we can all grow from it and we’re eager to achieve better organizational results with people.

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Embrace Change to Reach Your Goals

4tC – for the change is a strategic change management consultancy that helps companies design and execute successful strategies. Working with senior teams, we provide expert guidance and support in navigating the complexities of organizational change and transformation. With a proven track record of success, we have helped numerous organizations ideate, incubate, and scale new businesses and projects.

The “Dream Team”

Federico Pirola

Business and project manager

Ian Wagner

Technologist and problem solver

Marina Bruno

Change manager

Pedro Valido

Strategist and business developer

Rodrigo Passarelli

Growth Strategy Consultant

Rosen Dimov

Innovator and Disruptor

Where We Came From

Our Top 5 Values

These are our ethical values, they will guide our actions always:

Customer focused

We’re crazy about people. We center on customer experience continuous improvement, by understanding, empowering and measuring at all times.

Act differently

We dare to think clear and differently, and we encourage our clients to also do that, together.

Honest people

We act on our beliefs, so we will tell you when it’s our scope and when it’s not.

Results driven

We’re strategy freaks, so we’ll do our best to reach the defined goal and adapt to the needs and context in question.

Fun collaboration

We have fun while doing it and we want you to do so as well.