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Image of "Dynamics of a Change Impact Summary (CIS)" banner
As organizations, they must be mindful of the ripples these changes create, impacting individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole. A Change Impact Summary (CIS) serves as a guiding compass, helping organizations chart a course through these transformative tides.
Exclusive 2023 Offer: Complimentary Business Coaching For Every New Customer
Silva Hunt collaborates with 4theChange to launch a dynamic Business Coaching service. With Pedro Valido and Rodrigo Passarelli on board, this initiative promises tailored solutions and strategic insights for businesses.
Image of Empathy factor banner
From my experience as a CEO, true empathy is not merely about leaders being “nice” – it’s about understanding the fears, concerns, and aspirations of those affected by the change.
Image with logo and title: OKRs and KPIs in Effective Business Strategy
Implementing a change in your business model or strategy? OKRs can provide an invaluable roadmap to guide your transformation journey.
The Underlying Factors of Employee Support Steering Through the Complexities of Employee Resistance and Engagement
In this Blog Post, we’re going to steer through the complexities of employee resistance and engagement to change, searching into the underlying factors that contribute to tiredness, and offering insights into how businesses can address these issues to facilitate smoother transitions and achieve their change objectives.
Embrace Change and Thrive
Change is a constant force in both life and business. As individuals, we experience changes in our lives such as relationships, careers, and personal development. Similarly, businesses are not immune to the effects of change. In fact, change is a critical component of business success, particularly in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving market.
The 7 building blocks for a successful change in organisations
At the core of any change effort is the communications effort. The right people receiving the right message, at the right time, from the right people.
Business Value of cultural change
This is the first full video of the 4tC rubric – DECODING CHANGE – where we talk about the “Business Value of Cultural Change”.

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