Agile Implementation.

We can help you be, do and follow Agile to realize all of these benefits and more

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What is Agile?

We believe it is first and foremost a mindset, only when we start from that lens can we talk about frameworks, tools, processes etc. All materialized in the famed “agile ceremonies” such as sprint reviews, retrospectives, scrums, product planning and more.

Although it was initially created for software development, Agile is beneficial to almost every function in the organization. If you are looking for improved efficiencies with tools that are assessing and acting on “business value and priorities first” to drive higher momentum on your initiatives and get to tangible deliverables sooner rather than later then you need to embrace Agile.


Why go Agile? And how do you start?

Implementing Agile is a people first, mindset change initiative and therefore it is more complex than initially expected if you are looking for sustainable, improved results. It implies a different kind of leadership and empowerment approach in your teams (business sponsors, squads, etc.) to be truly sustainable in the medium term.

We can help you be, do and follow Agile to realize all of these benefits and more!

Based on our many years of experience, these are the main benefits we have reaped from agile project execution:

By using an iterative approach, you measure the right things i.e. getting the relevant deliverables the business sponsors want, with continuous feedback loops. This is particularly important as the speed of change continues to increase. In a traditional process, you can only measure if the project matches the plan.
The sponsoring business group is in contact more often and is involved in earlier changes, rather than an “end of project” single feedback phase.
The perception is on continuous adjustment which allows to manage ambiguity in a slicker way.
The team is more likely to create what the business really needs by building the most important things first.