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Dare to be a Game Changer! Are you ready to play and win with 4tC? Choose your play zone and how you can take part in this game.

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Want to become a partner?

Dare to be a Game Changer! Are you ready to play and win with 4tC?

Street Fighters

Street Fighters are focused, hardworking all the way players. You will bring your expertise to work on projects needing perseverance to achieve the full scale transformations needed.

100% Focus. Regular consulting. Strong promotion & sharing with networks. Tools, Techniques & Training

Clear financial rewards to match commitment, 4tC presence & collaborative promotion

Pacman Players

A Pacman Player is never afraid to look around corners, clearing strange spots from the pathway and never spooked. You will take the change message far, spreading the benefits of 4tC.

Regular promotion & Referrals for engagement with 4tC from frequent contact with their networks

Rewards to reflect referrals, options to collaborate & co-create promotional opportunities

Space Invaders

Space Invaders are creative solution finders. They know how to destroy the ghosts of the past and use lasers focus to cut into the deep and meaningful opportunities for change.

25% Commitment. Occasional consulting. Shared Tools and Techniques. Options to train & refer

Clear financial rewards, 4tC presence, collaboration & access to training